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We believe research should bring dignity and well being back to people’s lives!

Bedalov d.o.o. is a Croatian research & development start-up company situated on the Adriatic coast, made of scientists, entrepreneurs, and developers. The company is led by Ana Bedalov, CEO who is physicist, and researcher with postgraduate training in Germany (FSU Jena) and Belgium (KU Leuven). We are working on scientific and technological projects in the field of image processing as well as on the interfaces in medical bionics.

We are committed to bringing:

Medical bionic solutions for dignity & well being of people’s lives

Smart structure recognition solutions in digital images for research purposes


Research and development

- Development of inovative solutions in medical bionics for research purposes
- Smart structure recognition in digital images for research purposes
- We can ensure fast and resolute results that will bring a higher impact on your scientific publications
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Custom service

-We design custom prototypes and software solutions for the specific needs of the research project and goals.
-We collaborate with taking part in your research activities. We innovate & suppport.

Did You know?

*For each airplane business flight, once a year, our employees plant a tree on Dalmatian karst areas affected by fires.


digital image analysis
smart structure recognition
fast and resolute
using the power of Deep Learning

Image analysis workflow includes following steps:

  • preprocessing,
  • segmentation,
  • classification,
  • multiple image processing,
  • structural analysis and
  • data analysis

Segmentation and classification contain intermediate computational scripts, each programmed as an independent functional module.

Deep Learning allows fast and efficient image analysis containing complex visual structures. In addition, thanks to Deep Learning, we can also quickly develop novel analysis scripts for new applications through automated proposing patterns of new scripts, based on our extensive experiential database, and adjusting the parameters of the new script modules.

Full analysis of a typical 8-megapixel image with resolution 3266×2450 pixels rarely takes more than 2 seconds on an average computer today.
Developing a novel script module for new applications takes only a few weeks.

Our image analysis is oriented to work with many related images, such as individual images forming a large visual scene, or a sequence of images captured in a short time, or slow time lapse of images, or images taken as cross-sections of 3D digitized objects.

This multiple-image orientation is ensured for high-speed image analysis and high data optimization, which enables simultaneous access and handling of even extremely large amounts of data.

KARMENstudio is highly modular and easily upgradable for different applications.
Upgrade models include plugins with new segmentation and classification functionalities, as well as plugin extensions for preprocessing, multiple image processing, structural analysis and data analysis.

Intuitive interface allows easy interactivity during all image analysis steps.
In the case of segmentation and classification it is possible to return to any previous intermediate step from the script, and to make adjustments to the parameters of the modules.

While the initial scope of KARMENstudio was developed for life-science microscopy, in particular in the field of cellular neuroscience, KARMENstudio has a much wider scope today, thanks to its distinct modularity and upgradability.
Examples of image processing modules used in KARMENstudio are: Structural analysis of bones and keypoint detection, Object tracing due to moving affinities, Point Spread Function detection, Validation by segment registration with other image analysis tools.

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DEMO video of KARMENstudio


BLUEstim is a research tool for deep brain stimulation (DBS)

BLUEstim is a prototype of novel external pulse shape stimulator and recorder; using the same electrode to stimulate and to record for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) research.

Bedalov d.o.o. is a partner on a project "DBS Select" funded by Europen institute of technology - Health division (EIT Health). Our company is responsible for the development of the BLUEstim, novel, external pulse shape stimulator, and recorder for deep brain stimulations research. Project "DBS Select" seeks to validate novel technologies designed to improve Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) neuromodulation therapy, which uses electrical impulses to help patients with movement disorders. By showing the effectiveness of technologies to better control the time and location of brain stimulation, and by educating patients, the project can increase market penetration of this well-developed innovation.


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